Christmas Creative Box

AED 109.00


A box of creative materials that encourage exploration, play and learning and that fire up the imagination, the senses and creativity. A little creative inspiration is included in the box. Use Sticky Base as both a glue and a modelling compound. Combine Silk Clay and Foam Clay with the range of different materials to create a world of imaginative figures. In short: Use your imagination and explore the creative possibilities..
In addition to the materials included in the creative box, it's a good idea to make sure you have scissors and a needle to hand   


This box contains: Silk Clay, Foam Clay, Sticky Base, self-adhesive googly eyes in assorted sizes, chenille in assorted colours, metal chenille, bells in assorted colours, metal paper, cotton thread, metal tinsel, moss rubber circles with glitter, wooden beads with a painted face in assorted sizes, glitter paper, pom poms in assorted colours and sizes, artificial snow and sequins in assorted colours and sizes.

Recommended age: 4 year+