Hammershøi Christmas Candle holder H20 white w. deco

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The candlesticks from Hammershøi Christmas have a slender silhouette, which creates a harmonious expression in a decorative still life in the window. With its distinctive Hammershøi grooves with Christmas decorations, the candlesticks match the rest of the Hammershøi Christmas series. The candlesticks are decorated with nostalgic Christmas elements, the green larch branch creates a continuity of design. The motives are drawn with a modern line and colour range, which brings out memories of Christmas in the old days. In the Hammershøi Christmas and Hammershøi series you will find everything from candlesticks and vases to plates and bowls so you can set a beautiful table where the candlesticks create a cosy atmosphere. There is also opportunity to make your own stilllife with various candlesticks and a vase filled with flowers. Design by Hans-Christian Bauer og Rikke Jacobsen